In this complex and ever-evolving world we requires strong leaders, cohesive teams, and aligned and flexible organizations and communities.

Integra helps develop

  • Successful leaders, who demonstrate resilience and contrigbuet organizational success
  • Effective working relationships, based on clearly defined goals supported by strong communication skills
  • High-performing teams, that consistently outperform due to their strong collaboration, effective communication and commitment to a shared purpose
  • Adaptive cultures, capable of withstanding and thriving under unexpected stresses

At Integra, we are people dynamics specialists.  We build people systems that are resilient and sustainable – perfectly prepared to survive, thrive and excel, even in turbulent times.

We believe that everyone wants to contribute with their talents in a meaningful and rewarding way. We also believe, and research backs us up, that organizations with a motivated workshop achieve superior results.

We partner with individuals and organizations to bring out the best in their leadership within their teams, families, communities, and organizations. Our work can begin with the individual, with the team / department, or with the entire organization or community. The entry point is designed based on the client’s current situation and their needs.

Leadership. Relationship. Success.

Leadership Training
Leadership Skills Development
Team Development
Corporate Events
Organizational Conflict Management


Increasing turmoil and instability in our world, as we’ve seen in the economy, pandemics, climate change, economic downturns, terrorism, and natural disasters show us that we need a revised approach for leadership. Our process is collaborative with, and customized for, each customer. Our goal is your success.

‘Business as usual’ just won’t cut it.

Leadership. Relationship. Success.

Detailed programming is listed in the following categories:


We are judged by results.  Each program is customized to align with your organizational vision, values, goals and strategies.

Our Goal is your SUCCESS


Gone are the days of the lone ranger approach, or rigid hierarchies. As more people work from home offices, we need to find effective ways to foster business relationships. Learning how to work towards shared goals, gather resources and resolve conflicts allows for less stress and better results.

Competencies such as independent thinking, risk taking and sharpened communication skills in leaders and organizations is a means towards creativity and competitive edge. Our objectives always take better shape when we approach things as a team. Re-think and re-skill your team to excel.


We believe that the needs of the individual, the organization and the community at large are interconnected. If individuals are well, organizations and communities do well. Work communities with a focus on positive results tend to shape individual success. Our initiatives aim to improve individual performance, relationship dynamics and systems resiliency, to create thriving communities.




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