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Organizational Conflict

Conflict at work is expensive – NOT dealing with conflict can be even more expensive.

The real cost is hidden.

Fear of potential conflict stifles creativity and can lead to bureaucracy, cynicism and negative results.  When people do not know how to deal with differences, they usually shy away from having crucial conversations that are useful in preventing escalation. Keeping employees engaged and productive means that stress levels are kept low, all issues are addressed effectively and the atmosphere at work is positive and optimistic. Resolving conflicts significantly decreases absenteeism and staff turnover, and increases productivity in individuals, and especially on teams.

Organizational Conflict Programs

From Conflict to Collaboration:
Business Relationships and Conversations that Drive Results

A 2-day training course for leaders and managers providing insight into optimal relationship dynamics and critical success factors for building strong relationships, and providing powerful tools for conflict management and constructive conversations. The training modules helps leaders reduce the amount of time they spend dealing with interpersonal disputes, and provides concrete tools to address differences effectively, thereby avoiding costly litigation. Participants learn how to turn differing opinions into opportunities for unique individual contribution and positive change.


Workplace Conflict

Conflict can arise anywhere where there is more than one person. While most people find it stressful, It is only damaging when handled inefficiently. Many excellent opportunities are lost because people shy away from addressing conflict well equipped. The good news is, that anyone can learn skills to navigate conflict so that it can actually become a creative process. Check out our programs to lean how!

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Negotiation Skills for Managers

This negotiation skills training for managers will provide participants with support and guidance on how to employ practical negotiation skills to conduct win-win negotiations. It will train managers at all levels to prepare for and conduct successfully any negotiation, inside or outside the organization. Understanding the skills necessary to negotiate effectively will assist managers in getting the most out of the people they supervise, as well as in reaching optimal productivity while contributing to a positive work environment.


Mediation Skills for Managers

This course will introduce managers to principles and techniques to develop trust-building, negotiation skills for managers, collaborative decision-making, and communication techniques. Effective managers need to not only understand the common causes and development of tensions in the workplace but actively engage with their employees to create workplaces where employees work together instead of against one another. Mediation skills support supervisors and managers in achieving productivity while reducing tensions and conflict in the workplace.


Cultural Conflict – Dealing with Diversity

This workshop introduces tools to guide participants toward recognizing and addressing the culturally-based causes of conflict as it appears in the workplace. Wherever there are differences between people, there is potential for misunderstanding and conflict. Participants learn to become aware of their own cultural biases, as well as those of the many cultural identities around them. The relevance of cultural differences and their manifestations in interpersonal relationships is addressed, and this workshop offers a conceptual framework of how to work through them.


Conflict Coaching

Customized weekly one-on-one initiative where individuals participate in an individual and confidential meeting to discuss their situation and identify options for responding to the conduct in a positive and effective manner. Conflict Coaching meetings are a supportive and informative method for achieving personal success in conflict management without the use of 3rd party mediators or formal processes. Typically used to diffuse potentially escalating conflict in the early stages.

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